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Memory leak running 32bit app in Windows 7 64bit

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I have an app that does not show signs of memory leakage (I'm queuing up 10mb arrays, and dequeuing them to file) under a standard 32bit operating system.  I've since tried running it in Windows 7 64 bit (as a 32 bit process using Labview 32-bit runtime engine) and noticed memory is incrementing.  


Program takes 300Mb of memory.  If I save 100Mb of data to a file, will windows 7 64bit show this as 400Mb of memory (under windows on windows 32 bit)?  I don't think it would, but you never know...


Are there any bugs in Labview 2010 with regards to queuing and windows 64 bit?  I'm tracking my Queue usage and it isn't increasing, thus no real reason for it to increase in memory allocation.

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please post a small example that demonstrates this.

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So this is something you chance?

Why is the memory "growth" a concern for you?


As 32bit can allocate up to 2(3) GB of RAM per application process, memory is very limited, hence any application has to work very restrictive with memory.

64-bit can allocate several TB of RAM (possibly reduced limited provided by the OS, but still more likely in the TB range rather than GB), an application doesn't need to be conservative.

So it is possible that the OS Task Manager shows increased memory consuption, but as long as performance is not affected, it doesn't hurt anyone.




EDIT: This might be also be induced by the funcions you are using to handle the data, in your case the file IO functions. Which functions are you using?

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Accepted by topic author dre99gsx

I started disabling sections of code to hunt this down, and found that it was a function call that I had left behind (somehow).


Apologize for a sparse description.  I did find the problem and it was a hidden creation of an array that looped every second or so (thus the constant increase in memory), none to do with 64bit related issues.  Problem is fixed!  Thanks everyone.

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