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Memorize the position(value) of the slider

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Hello dear all,

I have to answer these two questions on my application.
By answering the questions I have to choose a value of the slider.
I want my slider to be positioned where it was before I clicked cancel.
Can you help me please?
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What value should the slider have after cancel? (What it was at the start of the program? Something else?)


It seems completely silly to trigger events using value signaling properties and have a 1ms timeout containing a 100ms wait. Since you are polling anyway to display the time, all you need is a case structure. Why are the "items" controls if you use them as indicators? Why not use a single always visible string indicator that changes the text?

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Hi dear altenbach,

Not what it was at the beginning of the program but:

In question 1 you answered 2 for example
And then you click next for question 2 and then you choose 4.
Now when you click on cancel I want to find the cursor at 2.
I know it's silly but I was asked to do it and it took me all day and I still haven't found it.

Yes you are right about the always visible chain indicator, I will do it.
Can you help me please with this problem with the cursor position. I don't know what to do anymore
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You simply need to store the values in an array, one element per state. Here's a quick draft.




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Thanks you vers much @altenbach

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