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Measuring pressure using NI-9237.

Hi, I have two Futek pressure sensors (3000 psi max) connected (RJ-50) to a NI-9237 attached to a cDAQ-9181 chassis. Channels ai0 & ai1.


I am having problems with DAQ Assistant with the correct assignment.

I am using 10V internal excitation supplied by the NI-9237.


Do I select an analog input: 1) pressure(bridge), 2) bridge (V/V) or 3) custom voltage with excitation?

If 1). My Vex Value will be 10V (excitation). Do I need scaling? How do I figure that out?

The output data stream will already be converted to psi?

If 2). My vex value will be 10V.  Do I need scaling? The output data stream will be in V/V? So I need to multiply my value by 10 (excitation) then use pressure = (max pressure/excitation)*(measured voltage/output). The manufacture has listed output as 2 mV/V.

If 3) Same as 2) but I guess I would not do the initial multiplication of 10?


I do not have problems with my code, per se, but trying to figure out the configuration and what the scalar from my DAQ Assistant means wrt pressure.



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