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Measuring RTDs (NI 9219) and Full bridge pressure sensors (NI 9237) simultaneously

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Dear all,


I am new to labview as a lastminute part of a small project. I have found multiple topic regarding a similar error. which all come down to something to do with hardware of software clock. However I just do not understand the problem. 


So I was trying to make a program so I could use the cDAQ-9172 with a NI9219 for two RTDs and the 9237 to measure two full bridge pressure sensors. I first created a own program which did not work. To get more understanding I tryed to merge the labview library examples which than gave the error above. I copy pasted the code together and it has something to do with the Hardware clock and software clock I just do not understand how to solve it. 


Apologies if i have read over a topic regarding this


Best regards



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You can start only one AI-Task on an cDAQ-9172:


cf. page 20 of the manual:


Combine your two tasks into one.


Regards, Jens

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