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Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) problem



I have two data acquisition system (DAU) where I collect data from pressure sensors and process it. I use both DAUs remotely. Recently, in order to see PXIe-4300 module on one of DAUs works or not; I connected TB-4300B terminal block to this module, then feed with a signal through its one channel and tried to see the same signal via NI-MAX. However, NI-MAX crashed right away. Now, every time I click to see Devices and Interfaces tab in NI-MAX, it crashes immediately without any error info. When I open Ni-MAX again, it gives "The exception occured in the NIMax process in  the function (Unknown)" error. Error log is in attachment. FYI, host OS is Windows XP (SP3) and I can communicate with our other DAU from this host without any problem.


I tried following

  • updating DAQmx in host/target
  • deleting NI-MAX database
  • changing/removing modules


How I can solve this issue?


Thank you.


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Can you get MAX to open its Software tab?  If so, take a Screen Shot and attach it for us to see.  Sounds like something is wrong with MAX or Drivers ...


Bob Schor

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