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Measure Bias Voltage of IEPE sensor at DAQ terminals. 9232 module LabView NXG

Hi NI Community, 


I am writing an application to check the condition of IEPE accelerometers.  My hardware is a 9232 module on a 9181 chassis, a standard IEPE sensor. Signal acquisition in LabView NXG works OK, but we want to make portable set up to check the sensors in the field.  The only requisite I have is to use the bias voltage at the DAQ terminals as control variable according to the following table.


Voltage at Terminals


24 VDC

Sensor Fault

11.3 to 11.7 VDC

Sensor OK

7.3 to 7.7  VDC

Reversed polarity


I have dived in into the manuals, NXG examples and forum questions,  but still have doubts about the following points. I'd appreciate the the community input to the following points:


1. Can LabView NXG access to the physical channels of this module before the isolated ADC? I don't see this listed in the official docs.


2. Is the any module for this type of application that would allow me to do this in the software? The purpose of this application if to avoid having to measure with a physical volt meter. 


3. Additionally, how do I handle the over current fault and open loop faults? I can only see the AI.OverCurrentDetectEnable property but no output to handle this when it occurs. 


Thanks for your input!

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What do you mean by saying:

1. Can LabView NXG access to the physical channels of this module before the isolated ADC?


You are looking for something connected in parallel to module's terminal?


So in general you want to know the current state of the sensor? Like if it is damaged or works properly?

Please provide more detailed info.

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For me it looks like the question:

Is it possible (with the DAQmx driver in NXG) to turn on the IEPE current source while measure in DC mode?


I have no experience with NXG ... but I assume you can also try to set the properties of the task accordingly and try to measure the bias. Posting the result/error code and your code will help 😉

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