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I have a cRIO 9066 with 9401 and 9205 modules which I am using for the control of a robot arm. I am trying to calculate the trajectory of the arm with inverse kinematics. I am using a matlab script for the calculations and using this script within a labview mathscript node. Unfortunately the node will not recognize the 'sym' command in matlab. I need this command to create the symbolic variables needed in the solver. Is there a workaround or an alternative? Can I solve the non linear equations in Labview? I have attached the VI I created. 

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Hi Sidpen,


If you are trying to solve a system of nonlinear of equations with the Mathscript Node, you can use the fsolve_zeros function.

However, that function will not work on a cRIO due to compatibility issues. I know it says on that page that it does work, but that is a known issue and that documentation is incorrect.


Alternatively, you could use the nonlinear system solver VI that is built into LabVIEW and will work on your cRIO.


Casey G.
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