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Matlab scripts calling user-defined functions



I'm trying to run within labview a matlab script which calls fsolve, which requires a user defined .m function to be supplied to fsolve.


While the script runs well in matlab, it will not execute at all in labview - I get error 1050, with the error message 'Error using ==> feval Undefined function or method 'eqns' for input arguments of type double'. I suspect this is because the matlab script server cannot locate the eqns.m file i am using, but after setting all paths to include the location of my eqns.m file it still doesn't work. Any Ideas?

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Where did you set the paths? In the Matlab IDE, or in your Matlab Script Node? When you open a VI that uses the Matlab Script Node a Matlab command window pops up. Type "path" in that window to see what directories are contained in the matlab search path.

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