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Matlab in Labview


Hi everyone, 


I've seen that there a bunch of topics concerning my problem but it seems none solve and answer my problem. My problem is the following:

I have a MPC in Matlab and I'd like to "translate" it to Labview. I thought about doing everything manually but in the end I realised it makes no sense, it's just to complex so I thought about transfering Matlab .m scripts to LabView using the script note. The problem is that I have multiple scripts, mutliple written external functions for exemple and I don't know how to interface it with my program. 


Could you please explain me a bit how this interfacing between Matlab and Labview works? Could the "subscripts" be called as subVIs or could I maybe use flat sequence structure for example? 


Thank you in advance!

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have you tried the math script option in LV. you can make sub vi which consists of  a mathscript where you write your subscript code. then you call these subvi's  in your main vi where you needed.

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