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Matlab DLL

I was wondering if somebody help me how I can use Matlab dll (creating in Matlab 7) in LabVIEW. Many thanks
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The Matlab exports an ActiveX element. So you have to register first this DLL and then call it.
At the which is attached you can find the way to call it.
1) Select the desired matlab class (At the diagram right click the Automation constant and choose the select option)
2) Call the Method / function
3) Close the Class

The vi is broken beacuse you have to select the desired method.
There are 10 kind of persons. Those who understand binaries and the others.
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Thanks for your answer.
But the problem of using the ActiveX is that you should install matlab in the destination computer. However my objective is to make an executable file from my VI, which is including a DLL that I create it with Matlab 7.0 and then in the destination computer, install the stand alone file without installing Matlab. My problem is that how I can define mxArray through LabVIEW platform. In the previous Matlab version, it was the possibility of using wrapper function and using mbulid. It seems that these functions are not more valid in the version 7! I wondered if anybody guide me how I can read mxArray.
Thanks so much,
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Hi Bijan Najafi,


did you succeed in doing this?


I'm trying to do the same but I'm having a really bad time...


Can someone help me?


Best regards!

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Still no one solved it?

I have the same problem.
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