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Matching image acquisition with lasers switching

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I am having trouble understanding something. If anyone could help me, I would be very greatful.
I use NI Vision Acquisiton to program two Point Grey Flea2 cameras. My goal is to acquire stereo images simultaneously with the switching of different combinations of 7 lasers. According to the camera register reference, I have configured an I/O pin to be a strobe output which outputs a pulse each time the camera begins integration of an image. This strobe signal is processed by a PIC microcontroller that does the job of switching the lasers. The problem is that when I acquire a sequence, I can not see the matching between the switching of the lasers combinations in the images acquired.  
The acquisition does not occur at each integration of an image? 
I apologize for my English and thank you in advance.


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     Without seeing your code (attach the VI, or compress the folder containing your LabVIEW Project and attach the entire Zip file), it is extremely difficult to make any meaningful suggestions.


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author PatrykEEL

I solved the problem. I was using continuous acquisition in my code. Ideally, a continuous acquisition acquires and processes every image that is transferred from the camera. However, because of processing time fluctuations, some images from the camera may not be processed before the camera transfers the next image. If a delay becomes too long, the camera overwrites the requested buffer with new image data. So I used one-shot acquisition and specified the number of internal buffers. The camera transfers each image up to and including the specified number of buffers. The driver acquires every image during a one-shot acquisition.

My best regards,


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