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Mass saving files (vi, lvlib , lvclass, vit and ctl) to previous version (2015 to 2012)

I'm trying to save hundreds of vi's vit's ,ctl's , lvlibs and lvclass to previous versions and have found no easy way to do this. The first three (vi's , vit's and ctl's are easy to do and have been done, but i was wondering if there was a programatic way to do lvclass and lvlib as well. I've looked at previous versions and there doesnt seem to be a good way. Also all of these files are in vi.lib but can be moved out for the conversions.

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Ouch!  I usually have the opposite problem -- when I try to save a Project to a previous version, I get too much saved (from VILib, OpenG stuff, haven't used many classes ...).  


Are the things you are trying to save "organized" using LabVIEW Project?  If so, I think that Save for Previous Version will largely do what you ask.  On the other hand, if they are just VIs in folders, maybe it is simpler to not have all the other stuff carried along.  LabVIEW maintains (for you) libraries and internal functions that are version-specific -- I'd think you'd want to use, say, the functions that come with LabVIEW 2012 rather than try to "convert back" functions from LabVIEW's 2015 libraries.


Bob Schor

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