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Mass Setting Expression Nodes

I am currently working on a student project to develop my own method of solving Runge Kutta 2nd Order Diff Eq using labview. I've worked out a majority of the solution, but have a question for the community. 

More information about the method:


As of right now, I have a ton of expression nodes to help calculate the values needed and was wondering if there is any way to mass configure expression nodes such that I could have something like a string control on the front pannel in which I type my equation and then it would be distributed to all connected expression nodes to mass update them. Its really just an ease of user thing, but was wondering if it is at all possible.


Thanks, Anthony 

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Hi Anthony,


Since the expressions in the expression node need to be entered manually I don't think you can mass update expression nodes using a string control. I tried to see if you could do it via a  property node but there was none.


I would recommed looking at this forum post for an alternate approach.



Arham H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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If you have scripting enabled, there is a property node called "Formula Expression" that is part of the Formula class you can write the expression to.


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