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Marking Specific values


I created a LabVIEW code to acquire strain measurements from 4 strain gages. The code is very easy. It starts with the DAC Assistant and then shows the data on a chart and then I write the data in a Write to measurement file VI. In my experiemnts, no load cell exists in my data acuisition system but I will be reading load values from the loading device. The final result I want to see in the output excel file is what was the strain values at a specific load values. In other words, the excel file will be saving a large number strain and corresponding time values but I want to mark only those values at specific load values. Is there a way for me to add a mark whenever I want in the strain file correspnding to the loads I want? Thank you

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That will require you to have the MS Office Report Generation toolkit or a third party toolkit like XLR8 installed.



But it is very easy to highlight cells in Excel that are >= a value using Conditional Formatting.

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