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Mark Project VIs to Separate Compiled Code

In LV2010 Project properties dialog box, I click "Mark Project VI's", the dialog box comes up for a second, show no VIs in the list then closes....


Can someone explain the issue here. I am converting LV2009 VI to version 2010. I want to use the "seperate VI from compile feature new in LV2010. A work around is open each individual file in the project but its tedious.


Thanks ahead of time

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Btw, my subproject worked just fine with the Mark Project VIs window.


The top level project (the issue) uses NIReport.llb and LVClass VIs (they open MS Office stuff dynamically calling VIs)... I have no idea why the window to "Mark Project VIs" does not pop-up and load VIs. Just thought I'd throw that in for any clues.

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In the LV2010 project, one particular VI, the "Separate compile code from source file" is greyed out. What the cause of this? See the attached pic

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Not a VI but a global variable?

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There are no Globals in my project. See the attached where I search for one, its grayed out.

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I was NOT able to find out why "Mark  Project VIs to Seperate Compiled Code" check box is grayed out but was able to perform a work-around to enable the setting.


Create a new VI with the property checked and replace, copy paste code and redo connectors, save the new one as the old one. The property now set still shows up grayed out. (Not sure again whats causing the gray out).


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I'm also experiencing exactly the same problem.


Strange thing is that it used to work for this particular project, but that, apparently, it stopped working as the project grew beyond a certain size.


Are there any known fixes or workarounds? (Except for this VI posted in the LAVA forums)



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Ah, as it turns out, having an "Express VI" on your Block Diagram disables the separation of compiled code from source code (see the LabVIEW Help under "Caveats and Recommendations for Separating Compiled Code from VIs"). I had a "File dialog" in this particular VI; removing it enabled the separation again!
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Hey onnodb,


Thank you for the observation!  I'm going to include the Caveats and Recommendations for Separating Compiled Code from VIs online document as well as the Separating Compiled Code from VIs for any other users who may need it.


Best of luck!



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Another work around is to go into your Project properties and use the "Mark Project VIs..." window to set the unmarked VI to mark "Seperate Code from compile code". The grayed-out still persist in the VI, it will show the check mark though (but I guess this is not seperate codes) just not 100% sure.


Can someone confirm?

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