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Manuel and Auto switches

In your picture you have ignored the concept of dataflow. Think of a SubVI, when does the data get output from the SubVI? Only after the code inside of it is finished running. The same applies to structures such as your while loop. Since your first while loop never stops, the numeric DBL is never passed to second while loop, so the second while loop never runs! Also, you should not wire a false to the While Loop terminal. Your code is going to have to stop sometime, so it looks like you are doing it by pressing the abort button. This stops your VI in an unknown state, so why not use a simple boolean control to stop it in a known state? 🙂

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Thanks for the insight. I guess it's time to hit the youtube vids so I can understand the mechanics of dataflow better

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Not really.  Just look here.  The guiding principles are:

A node executes only when data is available at all of its input terminals and supplies data to the output terminals only when the node finishes execution.

The more literally you can envision the above sentence, the better you can predict what happens when.  🙂

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Goal: Data log Tc's every 60sec as well as "fuel weight".

  • Be able to turn "pumps" on manually with switch, "pumps" turn off when fuel weight reaches a certain numeric value.

So I've made an even bigger mess now. I've got the "pumps" to turn on and off with the switch manually, but not off based on the numeric value.

The indicator for "fuel weight" Turns on/off at the appropriate time based on the numeric, but only when it's outside of the event structure.

The system wont data log unless there is a timeout value for the event structure, or it will only log when some event occurs inside the structure.

Need a little help sorting things out, Thanks 🙂

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Continued here. Please keep it all in one place.

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