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Malleable Vi Application builder Errors

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curiously enough, SP1 and f1 did not Show in my NI Licence Upgrade Info. Anyway, downloaded & installed 2017 64 SP1 f1 ... no Change.

I have some subVIs calling VIMs, and sure Application Builder breaks at every single one of them. I.e. I remove the VIM from one subVI, restart the build, and it breaks at the next one. I just removed all VIM from my SubVIs (thank god I didn't use them too often yet) .. lo and behold, the build works again.

So it's NOT fixed in SP1f1 and I would still discourage everyone with application larger than 50MB to make use of VIM!!!


The VIMs are OK in small Projects.

The application builds fine w/o VIMs.

The application runs fine with VIMs in DevEnvironment.

The AppBuild breaks on VIs containing VIMs.

In 2017-64SP1f1.

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Update service tends to lag behind the formal release for a variety of reasons, so it shouldn't have shown up as an upgrade yet, if I understand you properly.


With regards to what you're seeing now, I think it might be a distinctly different root cause than the start of this thread. I need to confirm/get some more background to effectively troubleshoot what we're looking at though:


  • You are building an EXE, and not a PPL, correct?
  • Are you using Fast File Format?
  • How many VIs are included?
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Also, do you use polymorphic VIs inside your malleable VIs? If so, are you removing polyVIs during your build?


There's a known issue that was reported recently that covers this case. If so, you can either stop removing polyVIs from the build or not use polys inside the malleables.

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Your Questions:

I'm building .EXE

I'm not using fast file Format

The application main VI loads some 1550 SubVIs, so the Counter during load says.

The malleable VIs are pretty straight Forward, like first and last element of an Array, is element of Array a.s.o REALLY simple, no polymorphs or so included, I was jaust starting to enjoy VIMs ...

Build Options remove unused polymorphic and remove unused members are on.


Additional Info:

It#s not a machine related Problem, I do Labview on two different machines (home and workplace) and I verified the Problem (drop a VIM - no build, remove the VIM - build OK) on both machines.


Thanks for the Support ...


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... please forgive the capitals, the German auto-spelling is driving me nuts ...

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I have the same problem building PLLS.  when i added "number to enum.vim" i started getting error 13s when building.


i removed the help path in the vi properties as somebody else stated and the problem is gone.


should this have been fixed in version 17.0f2 (32-bit)


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the official solution doesnt solve the problem for PPLs!  you have to use the other solution presented in this thread which is to open the vim you used and remove the help path from the vi properties.

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The Error 13 issue was tracked by CAR 672594, which is fixed in 2017 SP1 f1. It was not included in 2017 f2.

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understand, thanks.


i just got  SP1 today and will give it a try.

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To add to this thread and hopefully help someone else with the same error. I was getting an error 1004 VI not in memory on a of a DQMH module while building an EXE. I finally tracked it down to a malleable VI. The issue is it used to build perfectly (LabVIEW 2022Q3 latest patch).

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