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MSO58 Scope



I have a MSO58 tektronix scope that I'm trying to save an image from (to my computer).

does anyone know how to  do it?

thanks, Erez


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I think that your post has nothing to do with NI products.

Maybe you can ask that here: 

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I found a python example code of how to do that (how To Save and Transfer a Screenshot from the 5 Series MSO)

but I'm using labview


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Post the link to Python script and maybe it can be easily translated.  It should just be a matter of a few SCPI commands.

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Hi Erez,


If you have LabVIEW 2018, you can call most Python code directly from the new Python Node.


Also, we have a driver download available for the Tektronix MSO5X Series Oscilloscope on our Instrument Driver Network, or IDNet for short. After you include this third-party instrument driver in your <LabVIEW>\instr.lib folder, you can call functions to interface with the device in LabVIEW.


It also comes with example programs that may help get you started. One called Tektronix MSO5X Series Transfer Current Waveform To looks promising.

Mike B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I tried the Labview driver link for MSO58 using an MSO58 (Linux OS, scope sw 1.8.7) connected to a laptop over USB2.0. The laptop runs Labview 2018 (32-bit) eval version. I tried a number of example .vi’s that came with the MSO58 driver download. In my setup, the MSO58 channel 1 is connected to the 2.5V cal signal over TPP1000. It seems to me there are some issues with the NI MSO58 driver (screenshots are captured in the attachment) 1) I manually default the scope, run Acquire Continuous Waveform .vi, no problem. 2) Default the scope manually again, run Edge Trigger Acquisition Waveform example .vi, it doesn’t look correct. I found in MSO58 vertical settings -> Other, external attenuation was set to 100mX, -20dB by this vi program. See attachment. 3) I default the scope manually again, tried another vi, same issue, the vertical settings -> Other -> external attenuation was set to 100mX, -20dB again by this vi. Thanks.

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These drivers are just examples to show you what's possible, they are not full applications.  You may need to modify the code to suite your needs.  Perhaps your scope is a slightly newer/different model with different ranges or different features than the driver was written for?  This might result in those settings as default?


You should examine the block diagram, look at what each driver VI in the setup is doing to discover where the attenuation is being set.  Then you can either change the settings feeding that VI, or create a replacement VI that sets up the scope as you desire.  (I wouldn't modify the driver VIs, but rather make a new version and modify it.)


So do some debugging of the actual block diagram, what the scope to see if there are error messages, and see if you can't find the offending VI and a solution.

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Hi Mike B,

I have the same question here. The VI you mentioned does save the waveform file to oscilloscope local disk only instead of PC. Tektronix Q&A suggests to use command "FILESystem:READFile" to realize it. But it does not work on my side. Does NI have any example VI using "FILESystem:READFile" command?


Thanks and regards,


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