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MAX startup times on two "identical" PCs completely different



I'm in the process of updating our test platforms to Windows 10 PCs from Windows 7.


Two PCs run identical pieces of software, so I've been building two new PCs side by side, following exactly the same install process at the same time.


They both boot the same within a second or so, and are technically identical. As identical as you can get anyway...


On one machine however, MAX takes an age to load. I'm talking minutes. On the other, it's seconds.


I've tried "Reset Configuration Data", but it has had no affect.


In most cases I get "There was a problem updating the settings for this device. The operation timed out".


At this point there is nothing connected to the computer other than a keyboard and mouse. No NI devices are present. Clicking on "Devices and Interfaces" takes a long time to load.


Can anyone advise what I can do to check what is causing the delay or have any advice in general?




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If you go to Device Manager on both PCs, does the problematic one have any extra, missing, or "problem with this device" items listed compared to the good one? 


Pretty sure NI-MAX polls different buses and hardware on startup, so a difference there would make sense.

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Good call, but unfortunately I'm not seeing anything there that could be a problem. I'll keep digging as I can only assume there is something hardware related.


Thanks Andy



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So I never found the solution to this: I tried everything, including complete uninstalls/ reinstalls. The only thing I didn't do was rebuild the PC. I've decided to live with it, and hope the exe starts relatively promptly, not that's a problem as it will only need to be opened once a day.


On that note, I had similar issues with a third PC. Not identical in form factor but similar issues with MAX opening slowly and also where the DAQ card wasn't recognised. Once again complete uninstalls/ reinstalls didn't fix the issue.


That PC was PXE booted from Win7 to Win10. As the image was still available as a last ditch effort I re-imaged it. Followed the same install process and it runs like a dream......


I have no idea......

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