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MAX settings are lost when powered down

We have an older system, that until last week, has worked well.  We are running windows 95 and Labview 5.1.1.  Our DAQ card is a PCI MIO 16XE-10.  We also have a motion board in this PC.
After 6 plus years with no major problems, the PC's power supply failed last week.  The supply had a burned up voltage regulator.  The power supply was replaced and the PC now  works fine.
When we ran our VI, we noticed that our readings from the load cells didn't vary. The motors works fine. When we went into MAX., we saw the motion board listed under "Devices and Interfaces".  We did not see the DAQ board.  Also, with no DAQ board, no DAQ channels.  We were unable to install the DAQ board via "Add new hardware" in winddows' control panel, so we inserted the NI-DAQ 6.9.3 CD and were able to add the PCI MIO 16XE-10 to "Devices and Interfaces".  We set up 4 of our 8 channels, saved our MAX configuration to a flash drive and then went home for the night. The system was powered down.
This morning ( after power up) we realized all of our settings in MAX were gone. No DAQ board, no channels, no motion board. i tried to load the MAX condig from the flash drive only to realize I didn't know how.
Do you think we have a bad board, wrong driver, ???? 
Thanks for your help,
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We now have our problem resolved.  Not exactly sure what we did, but it proves that even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then. ;-)
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Hi Bill,

I’m glad that your system is currently working. Regarding your commentary about how to load the MAX configuration that you already saved I want to point you to this knowledge base: Saving the System Configuration in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


Ana P
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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