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MAX "Devices and Interfaces" search spinner not spinning


Circled in the image is a spinner in MAX which shows after expanding the "Devices and Interfaces" (while MAX is searching).   Mine has not spun since the first few launches after the initial installation. 


Maybe not a big deal, but wondering whether there is a way to 1) fix it (without complete reinstall of NI products or wiping my system) and 2) whether this behavior is indicative of a bigger issue.



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If you open up the tree using the down arrow, keeping Devices and Interfaces highlighted and press the 'F5' key does it search?

Now Using LabVIEW 2019SP1 and TestStand 2019
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Hi GovBob,


it always does searches, though,  (maybe a different issue) often requires a restart or two before returning the expected results (returns odd reference (handles?) to the equipment.




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... as an example, i see this (or similar) goofy reference for the PXI-GBIP board along with a database comm error alot




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