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MAX from LV installer (has no serial port)

Interesting, as I did the same thing with an example program and it worked as expected.  Can you post up a couple of screenshots?


a) The additional installers list (should have LabVIEW, NI-VISA Configuration Support, NI-VISA Runtime, MAX selected at minimum)

b) MAX with tree fully-expanded on the deployed system after installation (show Devices & Interfaces and Software sections)

c) Windows Device manager, with the COM and LPT ports section expanded (hopefully no exclamation marks are there)


There may also be some remnants from a previous install when you were redeploying to the system as well.  After doing the uninstall all, try running msiblast to be sure that everything is off the system.  Then rerun your new deployment installer.  Here's a link to the tool.


Jeremy L.
National Instruments
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I was using LV2009 when it didn't work for me. I'm working with the same project using LV2010 and adding NI-VISA Configuration Support 4.5 now shows the serial & parallel hardware like you mentioned.


Its possible its only a LV2009 issue.

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