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MAX can see PXI 8464, but not LabView

I have a PXI-8464 card, and it shows up on MAX, but it doesn't show up on my pull down manual in LabView. What is wrong?




In the LabView Project:




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Good afternoon Bladhart, 


I have had this happen to me several times. If you have not already tried it, select the Browse option on the drop-down menu (see Browse screenshot.png) and see if you can manually navigate to the device name that way. 


In general, you can alter the devices shown in that drop-down menu by right-clicking on the menu and selecting I/O Name Filtering (see IO Name Filtering.png). On the menu that opens, you can make sure that the channel(s) and I/O type you are expecting is selected (see Filter Names.png). 


Hope this helps! Good luck with your application. 




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I think I have gone insane. Now, none of them are showing.Smiley Sad




That blue block is the Pickering Visa initialization block. It was supposed to be PXI2::13::INSTR. I also have no browse button.



My filter also look different?


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I have also just noticed that the instance of PXI-1042 under MY System doesn't show any of the devices.2011-03-14_170153.jpg

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The FPGA one doesn't show up either.



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Hey Bladhart, 


Sounds like you're just fallin' apart on me! Let's see if we can't get things working again. With this many modules, you should consider getting phone support-it would greatly expedite this process. I'll help you as much as I can through this forum, though! Smiley Happy


Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the devices (you may have to close and re-open MAX before you can see them again)?


Since Pickering devices are not produced by National Instruments, I am not familiar with how they communicate with MAX. If you can tell me where you found the drivers for them, I can look into it further.


Also, what version of Real Time are you running?





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