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MAX and the mystery devices

Hi there, 

I am super surprised to not find a separate board for MAX, if I've just missed it, please let me know and point me there.


I currently have no GPIB devices connected (not even an interface) to my computer, yet MAX shows the following, with the GPIB devices are listed as present. Having 'Reset Configuration Data' (under Tools in MAX) several times, these ghost entries remain.  





 Any thoughts on 1) how to get rid of them (without wiping the system), and 2) whether this behavior is indicative of a larger issue?




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I suppose you tried to right click it to remove it? That's not always an option...

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Yep, I have tried, and as you indicate, the option was not there. 


It maybe worth noting that those are the devices in my current system, and when connected, the names are as shown.

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Guessing only.


There are Existing IVI Driver Sessions for those devices that permit actions on Simulated devices.  So, the Simulated Devices exist as part of the necessary Driver Sessions.


Expand Driver Sessions to learn what that Information Glyph is trying to tell you about.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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