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MAX VXI Resman generates communication errors

Since upgrading to WindowsXP and LabView 8.6.1 with MAX 4.5.0f0 we have been getting communication errors with VXI devices.  Errors generated are "...device didn't respond to MODID line..." and "This device is a spec 1.3 Programmable Interrupter but did not respond to the Word Serial command Assign Interrupter Line."  These errors are not generated with Windows 2000 and LabView 6.1 (not sure of MAX version).

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If you get a warning indicating that a device is not responding to Modid lines, this may be normal as some devices do not use the P2 connector which contains the Modid lines. In particular, many B-size VXI devices do not contain a P2 connector and VME devices do not have Modid lines.



see here

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Thanks for the help with the Modid line warning.  I guess the later version of MAX performs certain functions that the earlier version didn't.  I will investigate further to make sure that this warning is normal for this particular device.


The other warning ("This device is a spec 1.3 Programmable Interrupter but did not respond to the Word Serial command Assign Interrupter Line.") that we are getting with multiple devices sounds more serious.  I didn't see any reference to this warning in the Resman Troubleshooting Guide (from the link that you provided for me) or in other searches that I have done.  Do you have any further information about that or know of possible locations to search for help?

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After looking around a bit, the VXI spec document mentions the Assign Interrupter Line several times. Namely, page 141 and 143 describe why this warning is being returned. I am not certain, but this may be another feature that was omplemented in a later version of the software.


- What VXI device are you talking to? I would try and verify that it supports the Assign Interrupter Line command. 

- This document looks like a readme file for an older version of NI-VXI. It seems this was a bug that showed up in certain hardware configurations. As these drivers are very old, and it is said to be fixed, this is not likely your issue.

- What version of NI-VXI do you have now? What was the version on your previous system?




Peter Flores
Applications Engineer
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