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M Series Card Performance

Now I am using PXI 6052 E Daq card with Real Time Controller ( P3 and 833 MHz Processor with 512 MB Ram runns LabVIEW RTOS). Controller runns one time critical loop at 1ms rate. I am setting Daq to acquire 20,000 Samples/sec. Every ms I am reading 20 samples using Read AI mx VI. It takes ~250 microseconds to complete the read operation.
We want to go for M series because of it's low cost. Preferably M Series PXI 6229. This card can offer same performnace and data rate? ( means AI Read completes within 250 microseconds?).
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PXI 6229 has max scan rate of 250 Ksamples/sec.

PXI 6052 has maxscan rate of 333 Ksamples /sec

As per your requirement, you need 20K samples /sec. so your required scan rate is within range

I have used this M series card and found it to  give better permomance with respect to ADC settling time for multi channel scans than E series cards.

So, you probably would be happy with how Mseries cards will perform

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