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Lumonics HD-300 of Spectra-Physics PDL-3 driver

Hello all:

I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but
it's worth a shot...

Does anyone know if there exists anywhere a
Labview VI driver for

a) Lumonics HD-300 dye laser
b) Spectra-Physics PDL-3 dye laser

Both VI's would essentially be stepper motor
drivers. The Lumonics is
run from a DIO port and the PDL-3 is currently run
from a serial port,
but could be easily configured to run on a DIO
port as well. The ideal
solution would be instrument-specific VI's but
related VI's may work or
could be quasi-easily modified for the intended
purpose. Perhaps there
exists a generic stepper motor driver that someone
could point me
toward? Any help (especially code) would be
greatly appreciated.

nks in advance for any help.

Michael Wojcik

Department of Chemistry
University of Idaho
Moscow ID 83844-2343

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