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Looking for ideas about data communication/flow

Hi all, I am looking for ideas if anyone would kindly be able to drop some. Basically, i am trying to obtain data from multiple different modules and enter them through the same analysis code then back out into its each individual different displays. However, i want the modules to acquire data one after another and at 1 minute intervals. So essentially i am wondering how to ensure that the data obtained enters that specific display after going through the analysis code. I appreciate any help i can get . Thanks in advance.

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Make the "analysis code" a subVI with display reference as input and output.


To obtain data you should probably use a State machine, read the data in one state then idle for however long you want minus read time.

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I think that we really need more information. What is the structure of your program? You seem to have two problems, though it is unclear if the second is already solved so we'll talk about it first. You mention that you "want the modules to acquire data one after another and at 1 minute intervals." This sounds like you want them to be sequenced. Your sequencing should be separate from your data analysis code.


In most cases using a subvi as @AeroSoul suggested is the best approach, though there are other approaches that might be more appropriate depending upon your architecture.

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