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Looking for Non-Con. RPM Sensor for use with Lab View

I guess that connecting a load of F/V convertors to analogue ports will be easy to understand conceptually, but I wonder if you have considered that you could remain digital and sample multiple ports using a simple switching circuit and a couple of digital i/o control lines.
If you were to say connect the timer counter channel line to the output of a CD4051B (pin 3) and connect three digital i/o lines to the CD4051B (pins 11,10 and 9) you could handle eight channels, all digital as required. Lower chip count, no analogue set up or calibration required and only a couple of nominal value pull up resistors to get it all to hang together.
Analogue F/V's are not 'instantaneous' and require calibration, as well as being prone to temperature effects and component tolerances.
It's just a differnet view point. 🙂
Any thoughts?
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You can try using a fiber optic sensor from banner. I think their d12 or d10 series sensors would work for this.


Other manufacturers will probably have something similar.


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Indeed there are many such conditioning modules available..

To add to the list check out



Did you by chance notice that this thread is not far from 4 years old?






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