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Long term countdown timer


Okie sir

i will do the needful

Actually this was my biggest problem i was having like how to get the

updated time so that i can link it with the status


I will do needful

thank u

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You are missing something. You mentioned several times that you don't want the "Start Time" to be a constant.  I want to be very, very clear on this:


It does not need to be a constant that you have to manually type in.

It needs to be a time stamp of when the item was removed.

You can create this timestamp programmatically. In fact, you should be doin this.


This time stamp can be in any form you want it to be. It can be part of an array (which it would be if you're pulling this data from Excel). It can be a string that you convert to time stamp... it can be individual components that you cluster together and then turn in to a time stamp by the "Date/Time to Seconds" function.  You are missing some serious fundamentals of how this is actually working.



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Thank you very much for your nice explanation. i will take everything you say into consideration. thank u very much

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