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Long term countdown timer

@ BowenM


Sir i wanna ask why did u minus the current time with the check out time you added yourself.

I will be grateful to know more about what u show me, i will make sure i can implement it in my

own VI

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You have two variables 'check out time' and 'current time'- both in seconds. Tell me, how would you calculate the time the item has been checked out in seconds? Not in LabVIEW, just in words?




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Because current time-check out time>7 is the condition. Basic arithmetic and logic.

And please note that you are neither using a database or excel. You have a text file and using the correct terms is important. An actual database would allow you to make a simple query.
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The current time is the time of the computer which i put in my VI.

for the check out i would have take the total second of all the 7 days


is it okie



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It's okay as long as you do the math and comparison correctly.
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ohh yeah. u r right . simple logic. 

i am sorry for asking this kind of ques. Actually i was trying lots n lots that at the end i confuse myself


but i wanted to ask , but in the VI, the check out time is constant.

i have to manually insert for all for the constant check out time.

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actually sorry for this term database

to make it more clearer,

i am trying to monitor the laboratory equipment in and out by student.

actually when i am putting the output in the concatenate string,

there is an error.

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And you've been told the cause and the fix for the error. What didn't you understand?
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Yeah for the error, i can solve it.

But in the vi, the check out date was constant which is assigned by the user.

This is my issue.

the check out data , i dont know when it is.( i donr want it to be constant)


i hope , i am clear now

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When people give you an example of code that is a constant, it is to show you what the calculations would be.  Obviously, in a real app, it wouldn't be a constant.  It is up to you as the programmer to replace it with whatever input works in your application.  You need to start thinking for yourself at some point of time since it is YOUR project.

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