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Long term countdown timer


First, "borrowal" is not a word.


Second, doesn't Bowen's message give you a clue what to to?


Whenever the current time is greater than the due date, then the boolean is true.

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i did implement what you told me.but i am getting an error

because i have to connect the updated status to the concatenate string as shown in the string

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@ Raven

I did implement it

but i am having error

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Well think about it.  You are trying to concatenate a Boolean data type to a string.  What do you want to be placed in that string when the Boolean is True?  What do you want to be placed in there when the Boolean is False?

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i didnt want to key in manually if the latter return it or not on time..

i wanted it to be autogenerate automatically.

when the boolean is true: the date is exceeded and there ( is a notif (Misplaced) or led light up) representing that it is exceeding the limit of returning the equipment.

when it is false, it shall written Ok as the status

yeah concatenate this information so that i can store it in my database which i did with excel

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Then you will need to wire the boolean to a Select function that will return "Missing"  (or whatever) if True and "OK" if false.


Your manipulation of the date/time record cluster is not what BowenM showed you in is example.  Why did you change that?

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Yes sir, what Mr BowenM show me is that the date is constant, but me i wanted to get the data autogenerate also. like i did 

in my VI, i add 7 days. 

But when i am trying to implement say thing for the time. I am unable

correct me if i am wrong

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sir i try to redo it

n follow what you told me and Mr BowenM says


This is what i am getting. Even though i am trying to connect it to the concatenate string, i am getting



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I would recommend looking at the online LabVIEW tutorials
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Six Hours


Figuring out why wires are broken is a basic LabVIEW skill.  Hover over the wire with Context Help turned on will tell you why that wire is broken.


You've got two sources.

Bowen showed you when current time - checkout time is greater than 7 days, you are overdue.


You proceeded to program when Current time + 7 days - Current time is >= 7 days, you are overdue, but complicated it further by converted time to the date/time cluster than back again.

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thank u very much

i will try it and check it out

thanks for helping

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