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Login tab (LabVIEW NXG)


Hi guys, 


I tried to make a login tab in my VI, but it doesn't seem to work quite as I expected. What I tried to do is to make a tab control with the first tab being login-window. When the user writes in a username and password that matches the one from the text file, the user unblocks the next tabs. The problem I experience is that the username and password I write in the strings are not read and the returned string is empty. Also, I can't figure out how to make the other tabs "blocked" for access during the login session... Any ideas? login diagram.PNGlogin window.PNG

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I'm you need to play with property node a little bit for that, since you need to edit the property of an object (tab) in run time.

Please refer to:

Property Nodes with LabVIEW NXG


I can't really help much, since I don't have NXG. But it should looks more or less like this:Page Disabled.pngimage.png

Set the first page (Login) to Enabled, and the rest as Disabled. After a successful login, set all the property to Enabled.

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