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Logic of locking the custom RTM menu

Hello and good day!

For my project I created a custom menu. That works fine. Some of the entries have a shortcut defined. When locking the entire menu, my logic tells me that the keyboard shortcuts also should be locked, but atm they're not. Means, while the menu is locked, the shortcuts still work.


So my suspicion now is that the children aren't locked when you lock the main entries which, as I thought, should suffice. Afaik, there is no global menu lock, so you would program lock actions for the main entries only. 


Anybody can approve/disapprove? Sure, I could add an action to explicitly lock every single menu item, child or no child, but should the menu grow it would be a hassle.

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Addition: the shortcut will even work if I deactivate the particular, related menu item. 😯

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