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Logic for State Machine Driving me Mad, any ideas?

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I am a complete beginner to Labview and so far using advice from the kind people on the forum and tutorials, made it to the state where I've implementent a state machine.  However, I just can't get it to behave using the logic.


What I am trying to do is test relays, using an automated test procedure.


The procedure takes the following steps:


1.       A NI9472  DO card and transistor drive turns the relay on/off via energising the coil (needs the time period to be variable). (This is OK)


2.       Counts how may cycles the relay contacts have operated, this will easily be in excess of 100,000 cycles. (This is OK)


3.       Every 10 cycles (again variable), the contacts are held closed, the load circuit "15A in the state machine" (the current the relay is switching, which will be 15A at 30V) is switched off.


4.  Whilst the 15A state is switched off, I need to switch in the "1 A State" and the "Measurement State" on, this allows the measurement to be taken.


5. Lastly, the "Measurement State and the "1 A state" need to be switched off and the "15 A state switched back on


6.       This process goes on for another 10 cycles and is repeated.


I've tried to do this using the states and the select logic function for the different states, where as it part works, it doesn't seem to fully flow.  I'm I missing some logic.



Hoping someone may be able to help, thanks



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I really don't thing you want to be inverting that boolean value in every state.  You should probably also have a different shift register for each digital output line.  Then you just adjust the one you need to.

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