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Logic behind the firing of cylinders in an Internal Combustion engine using Labview

I am working on Labview for acquiring data from a 4 cylinder 4 stroke Internal combustion engine.I have to design the application in the following manner.The shaft encoder triggers the program and immediately the first cylinder is fired and as such the Inlet valve and the fuel injector are open during the intake and are closed during the compression stroke[until 360 degrees or one revolution of crank shaft].The spark plug ignites at the end of the compression stroke and the status of the valves are closed until the end of expansion stroke[until 540 degrees].At the end of the expansion the exhaust is open and the cycle continues for every 2 revolutions of the crankshaft.The shaft encod
er triggers program for every 2nd revolution i.e. the 2nd cylinder has to be fired after 180 degrees of 1st firing and the third has to fire after 180 degrees od second and so on.
I have been trying for the application of "inheritance"phenomenon of C++ but I am invain in my effort.I appreciate the technical support in this aspect
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The logic behind the firing of spark plugs in IC engines can be complex and therefore isn't easily described in a few lines in Dev. Exchange. There are several companies who dedicate themselves to automotive software development. Here is a list of them:

One of these companies may have information that you can download from their website.

Not sure if I understand your question about 'inheritance'. At this time LabVIEW does not support this functionality.

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