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Locking Cloned VIs on a Tab Control

Is it possible to lock a cloned VI on a Tab Control?

How can I do it?

I am using labview 8.2

Thank you in advance.

Message Edited by Oliveira on 05-21-2007 02:23 PM

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I'm not sure what you are asking. Only controls go onto a front panel (tab control or not). What are you wanting to do?


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The problem is with the visualization panel that I am trying to develop.

I create many VI clones by a process that is working without any problem. The clones are not equals, they can as different as the user customize them.

To avoid to have many clones floating on the computer window, I would like to dock them, side by side, on the main software window. This software window has many tab controls, if it possible, I would like to choose which tab control, will be used to dock the created clones.

Can anyone give me an idea of how can I do it?

Thank you in advance.
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