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Lock-In Amplifier Start-Up Kit - censored parts



we are looking into the aquisition of a NI4472 card in order to use it for lock in amplification.


I have looked into the "Lock-In Amplifier Start-Up Kit"  - also if it says to be free  figured out that there are censored parts. Is it possible to get a look into these parts in connection with NI4472 or in another way.?


Is there anyy reason why the combination of NI4472 and "Lock-In Amplifier Start-Up Kit" won't work in connection with Labview 2011 ?



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with the "Lock-In Amplifier Start-Up Kit" it is possible to create a virtual lock-in amplifier. Therefore you need the DSA-hardware, like you said the NI4472.


But there are a few things to consider to use the Lock-In Amplifiert with NI-Hardware. Therefore use this link

Lock-In Amplifier Startup Toolkit Compatibility with National Instruments Hardware


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