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Loading pattern graph and measuring realtime values (comparison in the same graph)

Hello, I have a problem in my project (measuring breath curves). I need to display saved curve as pattern (wtrited to text file, spreadsheet string) and then start new measuring of breath curves. I can do these issues separately, but i dont know, how to display it in one graph. You can find my attempt on the top of the diagram: reading looks good but there is problem in real time visualization, there are no values in local variable Bricho. I am new Labview user and I will be happy for some help. 

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I'm not sure I understand your question, but I wonder if part of the problem is knowing the difference between a chart, which is a "moving" form of plotting where new data points are added and the image continually updates, showing the new data and (potentially) discarding some of the older data, and a graph, a "static" plot of an existing set of data.


You can make a graph "evolve" so that it resembled a Chart, particularly if the data are being added at a fairly slow rate (like a few points/second), but it involves continually replotting the same (fixed) array of data, changing the array, over and over again.  [I've actually used this to make some very interesting and flexible "moving graphs"].


Bob Schor

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Thank You for reply. So, a need to vizualize (load) graph of measured breath waves (pattern) and than start new measuring. Loaded graph is a pattern for realtime measured breath waves (waveform charts). My problem is to do it in the same plot (to visual comparison of correlation). Please, have you got any advice, how to solve it?

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