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Loading an array with data


I want to save my search data into an array and I have tried serval ways without any success. I am using LabView 8.6 version. I am hoping someone can give me suggestion on it. I included a scale done of my program. Any help would be appreciated.



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If I wanted to ask you for help on a Matlab program of 200 lines, you wouldn't like me to send you a screen shot of the program in the Matlab editor, would you?  You'd want the code.


Attach your code, please, namely the file(s) with extension .vi.  Attaching an example of the data file(s), as well as a better description of what you are trying to do (don't worry about how to do it, we'll make suggestions) would be helpful (some might say "necessary").


I presume you know that LabVIEW 8.6 is over a decade old, "almost" obsolete ...


Bob Schor

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Yes but I work for a company that will not buy me an upgrade. They ended up upgrading all our computers to Windows 10. Now I have 2 computers one with Window 10 and one with window 7 so I can still use LabView. As far as sending my code I will have to wait until I get home to redo the data base on my home computer because They didn't get Access for me to use on my work computer which sucks.

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I Checked my data base and it had an error that I need to fix before I post it

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