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I'm trying to follow the example in the below link to run a compiled simulink dll.  I'm using LabView 2019.  I've installed Veristand 2018 to get the model integration toolkit.  However, when I open the example vi, I am missing a few sub VI's that are part of the MIT.  I'm missing "Load", "Get Model", and "Take Model Time"

The example I'm trying to follow is here:


Is LabView 2019 too new to follow this example?  Any suggestions on how I can get these vi's? I verified that the MIT 2018 is installed... 



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Accepted by topic author wiebe@CARYA
07-15-2019 02:35 AM

Ok, labview 2018 didn't take as long as 2019 to install (it was 4 hours!).  Anyway, answered my own question.  The vi's are no longer missing with LabVIEW 2018. 

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