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List Folder Returns Incorrect Results for Folders on Network Drives

@Ironman_ wrote:

Ok so now that bug is confirmed...


As we discussed in the thread, the change in behavior happens as a result of a Windows Update. So let's not be so quick to identify it as a LabVIEW bug. 


Nevertheless, I will point the LabVIEW PSEs to this thread.

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Not really a bug, but I wouldn't know what else to call it.  It's a bug that was introduced by a changing requirement.

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you can call it whatever you like, bug, cat, dog...


Either Microsoft revert its code (good luck), or NI fixes.

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@Ironman_ wrote:


Either Microsoft revert its code (good luck), or NI fixes.

But you still missed the mark when demanding NI to create fixes for past versions too. NIs policy has been always as follows: changes caused by the underlying OS will be fixed with the next release of LabVIEW after that change occurred, and only if that fix can be done safely without causing backwards incompatibilities. If it is a simple fix it may make it into 2018 SP1 but that code is deep down in LabVIEWs attic from old days and a seemingly harmless change can have suddenly far reaching consequences, so SP1 might be unrealistic. 


They only do backports of fixes that are for serious security vulnerabilities, which this isn't. It's an inconvenience yes, but demanding them to carry the full burden of a f*ckup by Microsoft is simply unrealistic. You admit that Microsoft won't likely fix it, why do you apply different rules for NI?

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@Ironman_ wrote:


Either Microsoft revert its code (good luck), or NI fixes.

Those are two options.  NI only has control over one of those two and it's something to look at.


But, you present those two as the only possible options.  Darren posted a fix for you at the top of page 2.  If you're running into this issue currently, you can implement this without waiting for a potential patch or the newest version.  By sharing this, he's given you the ability to correct it without requiring either a patch or the newest version.  This is going to be the quickest method for you to get the fix.  It also adds an option that's completely under your control.

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