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List Directory error

I'm using the File Dialog function with the following inputs:
start path,
existing directory,
pattern as *.txt;*.lgg (my custom file name is *.lgg)

I feed the "path" output to the List Directory function and display
the "file names" output in a list box.

When I run this VI, a file dialog window pops up showing only
the *.txt files and *.lgg files as I want it to.
I press the button "Select current directory", the dialog box
disappears and a list of file names comes up in the list box.

The list box now shows all the files in the directory, among them
also some *.jpg files.
So I also feed the pattern *.txt;*.lgg to the List Directory function, but
then no files are displayed in the list box.
How do get only the preferred files
output from the List Directory function?

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