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List Data Set and memory


I use DataSet Marking IO to save variabkes of value. I save it easy.

Then I have vi, where is shown saved values. To take saved value from Citadel Database I use List Data Set When I open this vi, my memory usage is grown up from 80 000 kb to 142 000 kb. And there are apeear window with eror about memory usage. (When I test this vi without function  List Data Set there was not any increase of memory). Can somebody help me to solve this problem? I also try to use request deallocation function, but there was not any effect.

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There is error like:

"The top-level VI "" was stopped at unknown on rhe block diagram of "" "

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Hi RuslRusl,


Could you post a screenshot of the error you're seeing and/or the VI in which it occurs? That would be a big help.

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I can`t find this vi, because all vi`s in DSC module is blocked. So I can`t see block diagram of vi.


I`ll post screenshot, when the error appear again.

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