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Liquid Crystal Controller(LCC)

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Hello All,


So I am trying to integrate a Liquid Crystal Retarder(LCR) into my polarimeter. It is controlled By a Liquid Crystal Controller(LCC). The LCC is made by Thorlabs and has a USB input and bnc input. The Model for the LCC is "LCC25". Right now I can manually change the voltage values from the computer through the usb cable using a Hyper Terminal File That has preproggramed commands for the LCC. My question is can i use this same process to creat a labview program that changes the voltages through the usb cable. If not it says it can be controlled through the external BNC input with voltages from 1-5 volts. I would prefer to use the USB cable but I am willing to use the BNC cable if no other way exists. Please post an example code if there is one because i could not find it thank you. I am using LabView 2012 if you are going to post an example.

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Yes, search the LabVIEW examples for basic serial read and write. Then refer to LCC manual for the COM port settings and commands, paying attention to any specific termination characters needed.


Their software available was actually written in LabVIEW:



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Thank you that is very useful, but i need to be able to control it in a normal labview window with other programs side by side. So is there a way i can get the raw program instead of this prefabricated VI.

I need to be able to run through diffrent voltages in a sequence at high frequencies. Any help would be welcome. In other words i want to be able to edit this program is this possible?

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Accepted by topic author opticsdude001
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

If you can communicate via Hyperterminal then you can easily do so with LabVIEW.


Search the examples within LabVIEW for serial read and write. Once open set up the COM port parameters to match what is in the LCC's manual.


Then try to issue one of the commands with the appropriate parameters using proper termination characters.



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Ok thanks, I will try this an see if it works.

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Did you succeed to solve the problem?

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