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Linux LabVIEW 8.2, playing looped .wav

Hi Coq rouge,


No worries, I sometimes feel like I don't know any LabVIEW Smiley Sad.


Since I don't have my 8.2 CD on me I can't test if a newer version of the OS would do the trick – something on the to-do list when I am back here.


We did think of a cute work around: use the command line to play the sound file which means we only need to use the System Works fine on my end.


Thanks for the suggestions and I will post back once I have installed 8.2 on a newer version to see if that solves it (will be mid-July though).




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Thank you coq rouge for telling me how to save vi in previous version.


@VI monkey


I saved that vi in 8.2 version. check if it is working now or not. As i dont have much experience like you guys, i dont have knowledge of driver problems as i have never faced it yet. Tell me if i can help you in any other way.


Best luck

Gaurav kSmiley Happy

Gaurav k
CLD Certified !!!!!
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Hi Gaurav kSmiley Happy,


Thanks for saving it in 8.2. The result is the same though, it still hangs on the second iteration.


What version of Linux are you running?



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