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Link the "plot legend" checkboxes to individual booleans

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Hi all,


I'm saving DAQ data from a waveform graph (where different channels are displayed as differently-colored plots on the same chart) and I want "unchecked" plots in the legend to go unsaved.


Ideally there would be some kind of boolean value associated with each checkbox which I could then use to say "yes, record" or "no, don't record."


Is there any way to do this? Or is there a better solution than this?

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I presume you are referring to the "Plot Visibility Checkboxes." You can use two property nodes for the graph: Active Plot and Plot Visible. Together those should get you the information you want.



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I don't think those property nodes give the results I want -- those refer to the visibility of the checkboxes as a group. What I'm looking for is the boolean value associated with each checkbox.

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It works for me. I am using LV 2014. I happened to have a VI with a graph with the checkboxes used so I added the property nodes as a test. The values in the boolean array follow the visibility checkboxes checked exactly.


Note: The array of clusters wired to the autoindexing tunnel is the data going to the graph. This tells the for loop how many plots exist.




Plot visibility FP.png          Plot Vis BD.png

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Thanks, Lynn. I came back to tell you that I was mistaking and that I got it working, but your additional answer clarified things still futher.

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