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Lin engineering stepper motor driver

Has anyone out there written a motor driver VI for a stepper motor from Lin Engineering?  Specifically, I'm looking for a VI to control a Silverpak 23CE with integrated controller (model 5718X-01P).  A VI for any of Lin's integrated controllers might be useful as an example.
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Hey jaydiep,

How does the Silverpak 23CE connect to the computer?  Is it through serial, ethernet, etc?  This will help in determining how you would need to communicate with this device. 

Andy F.
National Instruments
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Andy, thanks for your reply to my query.  It's attached to a USB port through an RS-485 to USB converter, and mapped as COM4.  So, I'm writing a driver using a VISA serial port connection.  We'll see how it goes.


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Update: June 2009 and Lin Engineering does not provide anything beyond a simple serial example of using their device with LabVIEW.  A few Google searches shows no VI sources out there.  Anyone got any they can share?  I hate recreating the wheel...



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