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Lifetime of disconnected (VLM) license

We issue disconnected licenses for our users via the NI Volume License Manager (VLM).  It is possible to create a disconnected license that expires after the contract date.  If a disconnected license is created this way, will it actually work beyond the contract date (that is embedded in the disconnected license file, by the way)?  This is what is implied by information I could find, but I'd appreciate a solid yes or no.



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When I create a disconnected license it asks when it should expire.  We just make it set to expire when the license expires which for us is at most 1 year.  


Disconnected License.png


I do believe if you set it to never expire then it will continue to work after that date.  But you obviously can't use the newer versions of LabVIEW that have come out since then.

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