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Can a user run a Eval license and be connected to our server?

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What do you mean by "our server"?


Of course a user can run an evaluation license.  It will last only as long as the time period allows it.


If you have a particularly specific or unusual question about licensing, you should contact your NI representative.

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Hello all,


The user Eval license has expired and I'm trying to connect him to server ussppals101 via the license manager. When we launch the tool it still wants him to Active a license. All the licenses he needs are on the server added to the license manager. Any idea's why that would be?




Alvin West

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awest02, I believe you're using a volume license, and therefore are trying to connect to the Volume License Manager server... if it's the case, I suggest the following steps:


  1. Make sure your installed software is the one for which the server has its licenses.
  2. Contact your software administrator to make sure they have granted access to your computer/user and can troubleshoot actively with you and NI (if needed).
  3. Follow the connection guide to attach the NI License Manager to the Volume License Manager server: Access NI Volume License Server from a Client Machine
  4. Make sure your NI License Manager and Volume License Manager are compatible (recommended to have the newest releases): Unable to Activate Volume License Software in NI License Manager 4.4
  5. Try the troubleshooting steps for when the License Manager cannot connect to the Volume License server: Volume License Manager (VLM) Troubleshooting Guide: Main Page


Additional information: Cannot Activate from a NI VLM Server and Software Is Unlicensed or in Evaluation Mode, and NI Software in Evaluation While Also Connected to Volume License Server.



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